Adult Group Tennis Squads

From beginners to advanced – pay as you go – bookings are essential. Bookings can be made by clicking the “Book an Adult Squad” link below.

Due to the high demand and to ensure you get a spot it is advised that you book using our online booking system. Bookings can be made up to 3 days in advance. If you need to cancel your booking you must contact us with a minimum of 12 hours notice to receive a credit.

(Existing customers must contact us before they use the online booking system for the first time so we can allocate them a level. New customers must also contact us prior to booking for the first time to arrange an assessment)

Group Tennis Squad Pricing

$26.50 casual per 1 hour class / $37.50 casual per 1.5 hour class

Prepaid Class Passes:

Pre-purchase a 5 or 10 class pass for discounted rates. Prepaid Class Passes are valid for 12 months.

60 Minute Squad Pass Pack of 5    $125.00

60 Minute Squad Pass Pack of 10  $235.00

90 Minute Squad Pass Pack of 5     $177.50

90 Minute Squad Pass Pack of 10     $345.00

Class passes can be purchased online

There is a maximum of 6 players per group.

Whilst private lessons are the best way to successfully learn, change and develop technique, group coaching is designed to give you information, a chance to practice what you have learnt and obtain rally/tactical skills.

Coaching for new customers

Adult Group Coaching is drop-in, pay-as-you-go, however, you need to email us via this website to be assessed before you join in for the first time. Please do not just show up for the first time if one of our coaches has not seen you play to assess your standard. A private lesson is necessary before joining group sessions for the first time so we can assess your standard and find the best fit for you.

Group sessions are divided into the following categories:

Absolute Beginners

People who have never played tennis before or have very limited experience.


Beginners who have played socially can control the ball enough to have a short rally and may have had lessons but their level of play is still at a low level.


Competition players comfortable with serving and rallying; play regularly.


Proficient at playing doubles and singles; can maintain rallies at a fast pace; confident using topspin and slice; can volley confidently; play more than once a week; have previously played comp tennis.

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